Engine Comics began life, niave and eager, out of the classified ads of the much missed trade newspaper Comics International. Straight out of university and inspired by the growing small press and independent comics community, I wanted to gather under the Engine Comics imprint other like minded artists and writers and publish the next great British anthology, Fusion. Despite some great work, Fusion lasted only four issues before I became a father and I quickly ran out of money. During the time span of those four issues, I also published a few oneshots, a Rough Guide to Self Publishing and a magazine dedicated to promote that burgeoning independent industry called Redeye.

Fast forward 15 years and the time has come to restart Engine Comics but with a smaller focus to start with, one project at a time. My offspring has took to the industry like a duck to water, joining the ever growing numbers of new creators at conventions like Thoughtbubble and BICS and publishing their own new comics year after year, and we’ll be expanding the line as time goes on. I hope to see you at the next convention.